About Us

You Are In Safe Hands With Us

We are experienced real estate buyers, providing homeowner relief for over 15 years in the Austin area. FastHouseSale.org is a private, cash-funded company that has the ability buy your home in a matter of days without the hassle of real estate agents, appraisals, commissions, inspections or loan approvals. Even if your house needs renovation, you are behind on payments, facing foreclosure, undergoing a divorce, have unwanted property, are relocating, have bad tenants, or just need cash, we will buy your home fast and hassle free.

Our team is flexible and responsive, and we make it easy and enjoyable to work with us. We have a proven track record of making good deals and helping homeowners out of a tight spot.

FastHouseSale.org understands where you’ve been. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners that have been in the same place you’ve been. When you are put in a bind and need a way out, you may be forced into rough measures. Selling your home is a surefire way to get back on your feet and get your money fast.

We also know how critical it is to get paid quickly. It’s not just a good selling point for us; it’s a philosophy. By getting your house sold fast, we can get you back to living the life you deserve in the quickest way possible. You deserve to be in charge and, by selling your house, you can get control of your finances.

Even if you just want to simply get us to buy your old house, we can do it. We want to serve you as best we can, providing you with the payout you deserve. We will take a thorough appraisal of the property, discuss it with you, and come up with a fair price that serves you. Instead of walking away empty handed, we want to make sure you have loads of cash that you can spend on what you want.

When you work with FastHouseSale.org, everybody wins. We specialize in helping people get out of hard situations, and we are exquisite at what we do. Our many years in the real estate business have given us the resources and expertise needed to assist you.

If you need to sell your home quickly and hassle free, contact us today and we will have an offer for you tomorrow. It’s that simple!

Get A Cash Offer In As Little As 8 Hours