House in Need of Repair?

Room In Need Of Repair
A tremendous amount of effort, money and resources are poured into the upkeep of a home. No matter how much love you put into it, a house will eventually end up past the point of no return. It’s at these points where we turn to someone else and ask for the help we need.

Whether your home has been struck by fire, flood, high winds, ice, or worse, can take over for you. If your home is beyond repair or you just can’t afford it, our company is willing to make a deal for you. It doesn’t matter what the condition of your home is in. We will take it and get the burden of a costly house off your hands.

We know you’ve worked hard on your home. That’s why aims to make every deal fair and square. We want to send you on your way with a good estimate and hope that your financial woes are coming to an end. With our help, we can get your house out of your hands and turn it into cash.

Our Process

We cannot start the process until you fill out our information form. We want to make sure you get the help you need in getting this house off of your hands. This means giving us the address, your contact information, and estimated market value. Also, don’t forget to indicate the reason you’re selling the home.

Before we make an offer on your home, we need to take a look at the house. We want to work with you in any way possible, but we need to take into account all factors. This means assessing a multitude of items, including:

Broken Wood Fence

  • Is the roof damaged?
  • Does the fence need repair?
  • How is the quality of the land?
  • Is the home in general disarray?
  • What needs to be replaced?

Our assessor will look at all the required repairs. We factor in any needed changes, then provide an offer. That’s it. There are no other additional hoops to jump through. We look at the home and give you a price.

If it sounds simple, that’s because it is.

Questions About Selling a House That Needs Repair

Q – Will I need to help with repair costs?

A – You don’t have to pay for any repair costs.

We purchase the home off of you. We don’t expect you to make any further contributions to the home unless you want to. In that case, take care of repairs beforehand. Even then, repairs don’t have to be done before you move. We do not expect you to make any repairs on this property prior to selling it to us. If you need to sell it immediately, sell it as is. No questions asked.

Q – Are there any liabilities I need to worry about?

A – No.

Any issues of liability will be cleared up by Fast House Sale. If your house falls apart as soon as you hand over the keys, you’re not held liable. We purchase homes in any condition. If your home is in a complete state of disrepair, then it is no longer your responsibility. We take the burden off of you.

Q – Will the repair costs affect the buying price of the home?

A – It might.

This is a case by case basis. Fast House Sale evaluates all homes we want to purchase thoroughly. From there, we offer a price. Sometimes, repair costs necessitate a lower offer. Sometimes, repairs are so small, it’s not worth counting. Therefore, it might not factor into our offer. It truly is on a case by case basis. We still have to investigate the property before we make the offer.

Q – If I paid for the repairs myself would I get a much higher price point?

A – It might.

We don’t like to give vague answers at Fast House Sale, but the truth of the matter is it might not affect the price point. It depends on the final state of the home and how much work we may or may not need to put in it. Above all, we want you to be given a fair price for the home you have.

Q – What will my out of pocket costs be?

A – Nothing.

We pay you. You don’t pay us.

The Fast House Sale Difference

More than anything, we want you to get a good offer. We cannot stress this enough. That’s why we want to be as thorough and as helpful as possible when you have questions. Coming to us is a big decision, so we don’t take that lightly. We want to treat you and your transaction with the time and respect it deserves.

You are giving us something valuable. In return, we want you to be fairly compensated. By going with Fast House Sale, you’re part of a company that takes its job very seriously. We want to buy homes, in any condition, and give a fair value for it in return. Hopefully, we will be able to provide some excellent houses in return.

This entire process starts with you. By contacting us, we can get you started on the road to the financial independence that you need. By taking a house in need of repair off of your shoulders, we aim to get your life back on track. In return, we get to help you and work on a new home. It’s a responsibility that is never lost on us.

In all of our day to day operations, we seek to uphold strong values for each and every sale. Your home is an important part of you. We never want to make light of the hard work and effort you put into it. Let Fast House Sale reward you for a job well done by rewarding you with a fair price.

We can close in 1-3 days!