Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How quickly can you close?

A – We have closed on houses at a title company with full title policies in as little as one business day!!


Q – How much will you pay me for my house?

A- Once you have provided us with the initial information on your property, and we have completed our property evaluation, we will make you a fair market, no-obligation all cash offer on your house.

When we make an offer, there are numerous concerns that factor into the final appraisal. This offer will take into consideration the cost for us to fix the house up. To best sell the house to an end buyer, we will more than likely have to make adjustments. This requires time and money, which will affect the final offer.

Also, is a business. For us to continue to stay in business, we need to buy houses at a competitive price. We will make a fair offer to you, but we also want to create prime real estate. This should allow us to resell the property after renovations for a profit. In some cases, this should turn the property into a rental.

The benefit to you as the homeowner is that we can pay all cash for your house in As-Is Condition. By conducting our business this way, we will be able to close quickly. You and your loved ones will get your cash and move on without any hassle. Instead of having to deal with listing your home, costly repairs, and paying closing costs, you will be able to use the cash immediately on the things you need.


Q – What do I need to do in terms of repairs of getting my house ready to sell?

A- You don’t need to do anything.

Other real estate companies will put you through a lot and try to stop your life to sell your house. You don’t have that time, which is why you need it fast. Instead of selling your house through a real estate company and meeting their standards, our company will take your home quick. buys houses in any condition, any price range and very fast without all the hassles and strings attached. We want your house and we want you to get your cash quick. It’s that simple.


Q – What types of sellers do you usually work with?

A- works with anyone and everyone.

We work with people from all walks of life whose situations are different every time. As long as you have a house you want to sell, we’re ready to talk. You may need to sell for a variety of reasons like:

  • Relocating for job, family or illness
  • Military relocation
  • Wanting to sell a property inheritance quickly
  • Getting rid of the hassle or any problematic rental properties
  • Not having the money to keep the house up or make necessary repairs
  • Divorce, medical bills, or other cash needs
  • Avoid foreclosure due to defaulted mortgage
  • Increase in neighborhood crime leaves you feeling unsafe
  • Home is prone to storm damage

Q – Do I need to pay additional fees to sell my house?

A – No, there are no upfront or hidden fees when we buy your house. is very upfront about the financial process. We will work with you to reach a mutual agreement on a cash offer for your house. When we have worked it out, that’s what you’ll be paid. There are no strings attached. There is no fine print.


Q – Before selling my home, should I do any repairs, renovations, or staging?

A – No, you do not need to spend to sell your home to us!

One of the best things about is that we will buy houses in any condition. It sincerely doesn’t matter, so long as it is a house. We understand that you need to sell your house fast, so don’t worry about spending your hard-earned money on rehabbing your home. Your goal of selling this house fast is the same as ours.


Q – What if I have bad credit?

A – It doesn’t matter! We’ll work with you.

No matter what your financial standing is at the moment, we’ll be able to work with you. Our staff is able to make a fair assessment of the circumstances and find the best financial compensation for all involved. We really want to make this as pleasant and beneficial of a process as possible.


Q – Why should I sell my house fast instead of selling with a real estate company?

A – By selling your house fast, your life will have less hassle.

Real estate companies are great, but they’re far more involved in the process. People don’t necessarily have time to wait around for a realtor to sell a house. A realtor will do everything in their power to sell to a buyer. This may take months because they’re looking for the right buyer.

This will also require you to work for them. This means doing repairs and staging the home. All of this takes time and money. While the rewards could be great, the commitment from you is even longer.

You don’t have this time.

With, we will buy your home from you. We will give you the appropriate payment for it. And it can all happen in as little as a day. No extra time commitment, no extra work. That’s it.

Q – Can I get help with my paperwork?

A – Absolutely! is there with you for the entire process. We will walk you through the necessary steps to be able to sell your house to us. Our aim is to make this sale as easy and accessible to you as possible. We want to buy your house and we want you to be able to know exactly how to sell it to us.

Cash Offer In As Little As Eight Hours